Friday, March 25, 2011

Tiger Buds

It was just an ordinary afternoon in preschool. Mickey was coloring a wonderful picture of a dinosaur...when he started growling

Miss Ice: Mickey, has a monster taken over your body?

Mickey: No, a tiger.

Miss Ice: Oh? Are you a tiger?

Mickey: No, it's the buds.

Miss Ice: The buds?

Mickey: Yeah, I have tiger buds!

Miss Ice: Mickey, are you trying to tell me you have tiger blood?

Mickey: Yes! Tiger bud! It's inside me.

Thank you, Mr. Sheen. I hope you're happy to know that the next generation is already following in your footsteps.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

They Were Out of Tampons...But I Got You These!

I had to stop and use the bathroom on my way home from a visit with friends. I was a little taken back by what was available for sale inside. I had to do a double take to make sure it was a unisex bathroom and that I wasn't in the wrong one.

Only in a college town would you find this contraption on the wall. Ladies, you know where the tampons and maxis and such should be? Yeah....this is the men's version.
Seriously? What if I was bleeding right through my pants? How would any of this help me? If I were a guy I wouldn't have to worry. For a mere $3 I could be the proud owner of the entire 4 Play Series. I would have one lucky lady waiting for me at home...unless I was sent out for a tampon because she was bleeding through her pants.

On a semi unrelated note...this is what the whole bathroom looked like.That's not just the lighting, folks. That bathroom is painted with a fresh coat of celery green. I've never seen a gas station bathroom that had been cared about so much that someone painted it. I was even more surprised to find that there was no graffiti...and this is a college town. I guess the color choice is in hopes of distracting the ladies from the fact that there are no tampons available.

Go figure

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The afternoon my Nana left me was an exhausting day. So exhausting that I found myself needing an afternoon nap as a way to soak it all in. During that nap I had a dream...(Sorry, not the kind about world peace). The love of my teenage years, who was traveling in Europe at the time all of a sudden returned from his trip and walked into my living room. I sat up, he took the seat next to me and I asked him, "How is it?". He simply responded, "The second act is much better than the first", and I woke up.

To this day I take that as a sign from my Nana. A sign that I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment and that she was okay.

I can't say that I've really had a sign like that since then. For the past 22 months of my life, I have been aimlessly roaming not having the slightest idea of where I should be, what I should do, or where I was headed. I found myself in a place that I always thought I was too smart to end up in.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's time to grow up...again. I know this because I found a sign. It didn't come to me in a dream like that last one and it wasn't as easy to understand, but I found it. For those of you who may remember that I was working in retail with a Bachelor's degree in education. You may be happy to know that I'm not anymore. I got a teaching position and I start on Monday.

So I toast my cocktail to those of you who believed in me, because I got there eventually.