Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RTT: Deliver My Presents

-Hottie of the Week: James Lafferty. Does anyone watch "One Tree Hill"? Well, you should. It's been my favorite show since they took "The OC" away from me (I'm still bitter about it). Anywho...his character on the show was a real ass when it first came on and then they made him into this superhero family guy. He looks good as either....yum!

-Did anyone see the Giants game? Where the hell were the Redskins while my boys were doing one amazing thing after the other? Christmas has come early this year and Santa is a fan of Big Blue! =)

-Christmas is 3 days away and I have 4 more people to buy gifts for. I know, some of you are thinking "Oh my Lord, why did she wait until last minute?". In reality, I'm ahead of schedule.

-I need to congratulate those hard working folks at the post office and other private shipping companies. My Kindle arrived safe and sound before the holidays. Those people are true miracle workers.

- I was finally on my way back to getting back to my blogging but then I got strep. It was painful but this week I will get back...hopefully.

- The tri state area got a "blizzard" over the weekend. All anyone can talk about is how much snow we got and how much of a pain it's been. I don't get what all the fuss is about. We didn't get any more snow this weekend than Penn State gets during any given week between Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day. Some of these people need to relax.

- My friend sent me this video...I didn't know these types of things existed. Maybe some of you can benefit from this?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Letter to the Gym

Dear Local Gym,

I would first like to thank you for being a block away from my house. Your location is very much appreciated. However, there is one matter I would like to discuss in order to make your facility a better place for everyone (well at least for me).

First, I would like to know who set up your gym. I went to a gym in Pennsylvania and they had their treadmills in the back. You put yours in the front. Why? I'm very self conscious about my butt and I do not appreciate the old sweaty men who sit on the machines behind me while I am trying to run. Seriously, could you move the weight machines in front of the treadmills so that I am not oogled as I try to tighten up my ass?

Thanks so much,
The young chick trying to work off the last of the extra college pounds

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tailgating is an Art Form

My cousins' grandfather (unfortunately on the other side of their family) is a New York Giant season ticket holder. That means these girls get to go to a bunch of games a season...lucky bitches. The great thing about cousins is that when an extra ticket comes along they help you out.

Truth be told I didn't even like football until I got to college. After my father moved out my mother swore off the sport and since I was hardly around men I never formed an appreciation for it.

Then I went to Penn State.

It's pretty much impossible to go to Penn State and not develop an appreciation for the greatest sport ever. After about a month I found myself glued to my television all day on the weekends. My weekend schedule was set in stone for the next 4 years of my life.

Friday Night: Beer Pong/discuss upcoming oponents

Saturday: College game day Penn State vs. whatever-hated-team-was-scheduled.
Saturday Night: Celebrate/Mourn Loss/Discuss upcoming oponents

Sunday: NFL game day: Giants vs. whatever-hated-team-was-scheduled

Despite the fact that most of my college friends were Eagles fans I decided to stick with the Giants. They were my father's team and I always held a soft spot for them in my heart.

My love for the Giants only grew when I spotted some pictures of Eli Manning...yum.

Anywho...ever since my freshman year of college I've wanted to go to a Giants/Eagles game. I felt it was my destiny. You can't imagine the excitement when the best cousin ever told me she got tickets. Family is truly a treasure.

Sunday afternoon was absolutely amazing. It was cold and it poured all day long but we couldn't be stopped. The tents went up, the tarps were hung, the grill was lit, and 3 packed coolers were rolled out into the mud. It was like college all over again. My cousin is a tailgating professional. She packs her car with everything one could possible want or need at a tailgate. She deserves a damn merit badge. We started out with 5 people and I think our highest count reached 20 at one point. Just laughing, eating, and beer pong.

It was just then that I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, this is absolutely amazing. Nothing could ruin this day."

Then the game happened...some of us cried.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Think Happy Thoughts

So apparently when I leave my blog for a hiatus (pretty much because I haven't been able to think of anything else but the New York Giants for the past 2 weeks) I come back to find that I have been very dearly missed.

Missed so much in fact that I've been left an award by my lovely pal Single and Shallow. If you haven't checked her out then you most definitely should. I know you're all dying to hear about the sex life of a hot 20 something.

Anywho...the award comes with rules but they're pretty easy. I have to tell you 10 things that make me happy. There are lots of things that make me happy because I'm just that kind of girl but I've narrowed it down to ten.

1. Tailgating. I had an absolute amazing time tailgating on Sunday. It was cold and pouring and like nothing else and reminded me of my days at Penn State. It was simply amazing.

2. Lady GaGa: Yes, she's the most recent object of my obsession. I can't stop listening to her. The second I get in my car I just have to blast my stock stereo speakers to the point of no return because I need the entire city to be able to hear my jamming out with her. Her songs are the epitome of being in your 20's. Give it a listen and enjoy these years while they last and if you're older than that then give her a listen anyway so that you can relive the memories.
Okay...so maybe I should have warned you that she's a bit of a weirdo but that's kind part of the appeal.

3. Sex. Is there anyone who doesn't get a little happier after it? I don't think there is.

4. Text messages. If you're anything like me there's a little light inside of you that sparks on everytime you hear that little chime. Maybe it's someone you have the hots for or maybe it's just your best friend who you never get to see because she lives in the next state :sigh: Either way it means someone thought about you and took 3 seconds out of their life to tell you something. It's also a nice little way to pass the time.

Yes! I literally just got one! That was creepy. It was my cousin...she obviously loves me.

5. The shore. I've been having serious withdrawals since Labor Day and winter as barely even begun. I'm not sure if I'll make it to Memorial Day without a visit. If I don't make it then tell my family I want to be cremated with my ashes spread in the ocean so we will never part again.

6. A clean room. I love coming home after a stressful day to a nice tidy room. It's just a shame I have such trouble keeping it that way.

7. Candy. I grew out of sweets for a while but now I'm back. I'm not sure how I've gone this long without it.

8. Hotties...yum!

9. Scented candles. I smoke so the candles are absolutely necessary...and all the cool kids light candles.

10. Blogging. You guys make me pretty happy. I love reading about your families and your jobs and your sex lives. Thanks for sharing!

I'm going to share this award too. Once again, if I read your blog then you make me happy and you deserve this one.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RTT: I Need a Doctor...Not You...Yeah, Him

-I skipped last week...and a lot of other things.

- Went to the Giants game this weekend. It was everything I ever dreamed it would be (just with a downpour). There was food, drink, a buttload of crazy 20 somethings. We had amazing time...but then the game itself happened. I never realized until yesterday how many of my facebook friends are Eagles fans. But that's what I get for going to college in Pennsylvania.

-Christmas is a week and a half away?? I haven't started shopping yet. No joke. I'm a little worried but it's not like I get my shopping done any earlier any other year so what's the difference this time. It always works out so I'm sure I have absolutely nothing to worry about.

-Hottie of the Week: Shane West. I loved Shane back in the day when he was in Whatever it Takes with James Franco. Most of you would probably know him from his latest appearance on ER. Does anyone remember the show Once and Again with Sella Ward? No? My mom watched it...anywho he was the brother on that show too. My favorite role of his was Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember. He does this pout kind of face that's crazy hot....yum.

-New Years Eve is absolutely my favorite holiday. The only problem is that I feel so much pressure to make it absolutely spectacular. I feel that it's a non spoke competition among 20 something's to have the wildest New Years Eve and I'm all for it...just don't go rubbing your good time in my face. I was perfectly happy with what I was doing until you came along and tried to tell me I was lame. What are you guys doing New Years Eve?

Want more? UnMom

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where's Buffy? Edward Needs a Slaying

I want to talk about something that everyone else is talking about.

I want to talk about vampires.

Before you go flipping on to the next blog that is discussing the Twilight saga allow me to be more specific. I want to talk about real vampires (maybe not "real" in the sense that they actually exist, but "real" in the sense of what they are supposed to be. They're supposed to be scary, blood sucking creatures of the night...no sparkly, emo high school kids who live under the overcast skies of the Pacific Northwest.

I'll admit that I've never read Twilight. I'll also admit that I shouldn't knock something before I've tried it, but I'm drawing the line at this one. People who read Twilight are obsessed (just be honest with yourselves). They're not bad people...just obsessed. I don't want to become another girl wishing she could be the next Mrs. Edward Cullen. I will also have you know that Robert Pattinson does absolutely nothing for me. That's right. Sorry to disappoint you ladies but you will never see him as a hottie of the week on this blog. I also feel the need to stress that Kristen Stewart always looks high as a friggin cloud. Am I the only one who has noticed this? Yes? Okay then...moving on.

When I was in middle school I had this idea for a television show. I never told anyone about this idea because I came to the realization that the whole idea of it was absolutely ridiculous and that no one would watch it. I really wish that I would have told someone about it because I was apparently ahead of my time and I would have made myself a lot of money.

Picture this as a pilot...girl and boy go to homecoming dance. They're high school sweethearts, totally in love, and nothing will ever come between them....not even death (see where I'm going with this?). After the dance boy gets attacked by a vampire gang and the whole town thinks he's dead. The girl is completely beside herself with grief and doesn't know how she'll ever move now that boy is dead...luckily for her the boy comes back as the undead. He's now a vampire and the vampire gang that turned him is now after her and he has to protect her from them.

Sound familiar??? You may be saying to yourself..."Wow, this sounds a lot like Twilight and you thought of it first". If you were saying that then you would be partially right...because I did think of it before the Twilight saga became a widespread epidemic, but I didn't think of it first. There was already a tv show about a human teenage girl in love with a vampire.

That's right folks....Buffy the Vampire Slayer thought of the whole idea of this human girl loves vampire boy thing. Doesn't anyone remember Buffy and Angel and their tragic love affair before he broke off to have his own spin off series? I'll go for David Boreanaz over Robert Pattinson anyday.

Sure Twilight changed some of the details but the story line is all the same. They're in love and they can't be together because that would mean him giving into his primal instincts which would inevitably lead to him eating her.
(Didn't Edward let Bella drink his blood to save her life though??? Oh that's right....Angel did the same thing for Buffy...or he drank her blood to save his life. What's the difference?).

Oh, and the whole werewolf thing? Yeah...that was a movie too. It's called Underworld. You should rent it. It was more action than Twilight without the teenage angst.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RTT: I'm Picking Up Photography

- My thoughts are short and sweet today as I'm currently developing 2 other ideas and those are all I've been able to think about lately. More on that to follow...

-I am so sick of the street sweeper. I hate the fact that I need to memorize the schedule of someone else so that I can park my car safely without a ticket. It's driving me insane.

-Today is the first day of December and marks the end of 2009. Has anyone else realized that this is not only the end of a year but the end of a decade?! I just realized this last week. I'm serious. This is the first decade I can remember in it's entirety. This is a really big deal for me.

-Hottie of the Week: Ashton Kutcher. I feel the need to specify that it is not all Ashton Kutcher. It's Aston Kutcher on those Nikon commercials.This commercial makes me wish I was a model so that Ashton could take pictures of me all day long. Seriously. Yum!

-Speaking of hotties...I'm trying to get a slideshow type thing on my sidebar so that all of you can see my past hotties of the week. (I know you all really miss Jensen Ackles!) It's too bad that I'm design challenged. Can anyone help?

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