Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Where's My Hot Robin Hood?

- I've been slacking a little on my blog reading. I've been distracted by weddings and stealing boyfriends that I haven't been able to get on too often. I'm excited to get back.

- I saw an interview with Russel Crow on the set of the new "Robin Hood" movie. Are you serious? Isn't Russel Crow a little old for Robin Hood? What were they thinking. I have no interest in seeing this movie. There's nothing in it for me. They should have gotten this guy for the role.
Yeah...Jensen Ackles. Yum!

- This picture has inspired me to do a new blog theme about my favorite celebrity hotties. Would anyone be interested in joining or should I just grow up? Please be honest. You won't offend me.

- Jon Gosselin needs to get over himself. At this point, I don't know who to believe. I know I don't trust Jon. He's just got a shady look about him. I'm still debating how I feel about Kate.

- I haven't figured out who the stalker is but I'm going to make an assumption. There's really only one person it could be. It's Mrs. Eli Manning. She's found me out. It's the only logical explanation.

- I changed all of my passwords, but now I can't remember what any of them are. I have a note on my desk with all of them written down.

- I kind of want to train my dog to use a litter box so he doesn't have to be walked in the morning. It's getting chilly and I don't have a thick fur coat like he does.

- I need to buy some clothes because the ones I have don't fit. I can take off most of my jeans without undoing the button. It makes me feel good...but they look kind of silly and it appears that I don't have a butt.

- I went to the most amazing all you can eat rib joint this weekend. Big Ed's in Old Bridge, NJ. If you're in the area you need to go! It's worth it.
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Mango Girl said...

Welcome back...boyfriend stealer.

Russel Crowe? H'mmm ~ he has nothing on Otin at the ball tonight!

Teaching your dog to use the litter box?

Best wishes!

xo, Mango

otin said...

So I can get your pants off without unbuttoning them? Is that a bad thing?? :))

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...
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A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

You are going to find all my choices ancient, but then so am I so it fits. Here were my January 2009 choices. http://lwfm.blogspot.com/2009/01/all-male-rawr.html

a H.I.T. said...

Umm that new guy is a definite hottie. I would totally drool, I mean watch, him in Robin Hood. When will you start filming?

sAm said...

Damn that Mrs. Eli Manning! Did I tell you my classroom is doing the scholastic reads challenge - we are team eli!

Children of the 90s said...

I'm with you about the Gosselins. Jon is all sorts of shady, but I'm not sure I love Kate that much either.

Seansmoma said...

Showcasing a different "hottie" every week or so sounds like a plan to me! I think I'll have to follow your blog now . . .

Happy Tuesday!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Omg I've soo been to Big Ed's in Old Bridge, NJ!!! I had an ex that lived around the corner & a friend that worked there. Ooo soo yummy!!!

I agree with you with the whole Robin hood thing. It's basically gunna be Gladitor...again. Just watch. lol.

Midtown Girl said...

What about training him on wee-wee pads? My doggie is small (6pds) so it works for her when Im not home...THANK GOD!

BC I am not getting up at 6am to take her out.

The Hottie idea is fab - go for it chickie!

blueviolet said...

I agree with you. I'm not interested in seeing Russell Crowe in tights. Ever.

Old Bridge sounds so familiar to me. I think I might have worked there or near there. It was like 20+ years ago and it was only 2 months so I can't really remember. I worked in a travel agency there.

Angel said...

Celebrity hotties! I would be in for that one definitely! Although you would have to promise not to laugh because some of mine are slightly odd!