Saturday, October 10, 2009

How About I Hack You In the Face?!

Dear Hacker,

Congratulations! You have officially pissed me the hell off! I know I know you because it all adds up. You have locked me out of my facebook, main gmail, and even my college email address. You knew enough that my college and gmail are the same which leads me to believe that you either went to college with me and knew that you could look me up in the data base or you were my facebook friend at the very least.

Then I needed to ask myself, "Who is a big enough loser that they would actually take the time to do this?" That really narrowed it down for me.

What happened to the days when people used to make people's lives miserable by doing something like...oh I don't know...writing profanities on their car when you know very well that person will have to get her car washed before student teaching Monday morning? (The kids would have been asking me what that word was on my car, and "slut" isn't that hard to sound out.)

I just find it sad that you have nothing better to do with your life than hack into my accounts. It sounds like you need to get yourself laid...and fast. Trust me, it will make you feel less hostile and hopefully you'll forget all about me living my own little life far, far away from you.



Dear Readers,

Don't be surprised if I'm not on for a while. I may or may not have just outted myself and this email will be the next to go.

Your Funny Friend =)


rxBambi said...

that sucks. what a loser. Make sure you find us all if you go under cover...

Anonymous said...

That's terrible! Do you have any clues as to who it might be?


Kitty said...

oh FFS!!! i'm feeling for you darls, after 2.5 years of rabid hater attackers via my stupid pink blog, i myself have been patiently waiting for a haXXorater attack!

nuthin' yet!

you are clearly far more fascinating and talented than i, because everyone knows it's always the lovely, crispy, sugar-dusted top-tier of all purely fabulous folks that get the hacker attacks.

chin up baby, at least this proves how wonderful you are.


Mango Girl said...

What a loser! Who does stuff like that anyhow? Yeah...get a life you little panty waste hacker you; one that doesn't invade someones space.

BlackSnow said...

damn you're one mad girl:))

otin said...

I am sure that I might see you somewhere......

Ocean Girl said...

I hope I don't lose you.

This could happen to anyone and hearing from you we know that this threat is real.

You may have to start new in a secret location and under protection. So hopefully you'll find us.

Joanie M said...

I replied first on your update post. You need a much better set of passwords. Hell, I can't even reply privately becasue that person can get your email! Well that sucks!

If you like to use the same password for various accounts, make it obscure, with letters and number (i.e. someone's initials, and anniversary date or the day you met, then he end of the password could be aol for an aol account, fb for facebook, t for twitter, etc.) this makes it easy to remember and each account has it's own separate password.

just a thought.

blueviolet said...

It sounds like you have a decent clue about the identity.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

That REALLY sucks! I'm commenting on this post because I missed it and followed the link in your latest post. So hopefully it'll be good news (all relative, of course!). ((HUGZ!!))