Thursday, October 1, 2009

Theme Song Thursday: Out Tonight

Okay, so I stole this one too. This was the baby of Crazy Charm. She stopped doing it though and I decided to give it life. I think that makes it a legit adoption.

I've been a little bummed this week about my horoscope. It's completely boring. Virgo horoscope always talks about organizing and getting things done because apparently that's the only thing we're good at. I'm good at lots of other things and believe it or not those things are much more fun than balancing my checkbook.

This is for all the other fun Virgos out there.

(This video is only lyrics but it was sadly the best sound quality I found. Sorry.)


otin said...

That's not a bad tune!!!!

Mango Girl said...

Oh boy...she is looking for trouble!

I like the lyrics; I remember those days from my youth!

Hit 40 said...

I had a great day today! I wonder what my horoscope said would happen today?? I am a Taurus.

Ocean Girl said...

My best friend in grade school was a Virgo and I always feel Virgos are pretty, lady-like and proper. I wonder what a male Virgo would be like.