Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hacker Update: Is Your Boyfriend Even Attractive??

I received word from the hacker. I finally got back into my gmail but my school email and facebook were still locked up. I login to gmail to see if I got anything from facebook to fix the problem and to my surprise I got an email from myself.

From myself? I didn't email me? It was from my school email. You know, the one I'm locked out of. Well appparently I'm not locked out at all because I'm sending myself messages. The message subject was labeled "ummm"

That's right. "ummm" All lower case and 3 m's. This is going to be interesting. It reads...

"....... is the pass to ur skool mail. u have a bf so leave mine alone"


I replied back "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHO THE FUCK IS YOUR BOYFRIEND?!?!" I also wanted to add something along the lines of "how old r u that u don kno how to spel or use big letters like a grownup????", but resisted the urge.

I'm afraid I will never really find out who Psycho Bitch's boyfriend is. I really want to know. I feel like someone should warn him. I'm thinking that he's messing around on her and somehow she thinks it's with me. Although there's a very good possibility that she is confusing me with someone else.

The lesson here? If you want someone to stay away from your boyfriend, you may want that person to know who you are. That way they'll also know who your boyfriend is. I don't know who to stay away from. You solved nothing except to point out the fact that you're crazy to a complete stranger.

Does anyone know a way to figure out who the hell this is??? The curiosity is going to kill me before my next chance to go after her boyfriend.


BlackSnow said...

that kinda sucks,damn this world is messed up

Joanie M said...

First of all, I'd call your school and tell them someone hacked into your email and you need to get a new password.

same thing with facebook. get a new password.

hell, she probably doesn't knwo who you are in real life. I say mess with her head. It would serve her right!

otin said...

Why do women cause all of these problems over men?? We are idiots anyway! LOL!

blueviolet said...

Ok, so I was wrong. You don't have a clue who it is. There are a lot of people who have solid tech skills. I hope somebody can help you figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

FIRST, change your passwords and get her locked out.

THEN, start posting evil updates about her on your facebook (bc you know she's reading them). For example:

"Desperate psycho is jealous of me. Hehe."

"Lol. Me and her boyfriend are totally laughing at her behind her back. We laughed so hard!"

"Her boyfriend says that she stanks. Ew."

At some point, she'll get angry/defensive enough to reveal herself to you.

Good luck!

Mango Girl said...

I am not sure what 2 say. Obvsly she is dstrbd!

Pls! Lv her bf alne!

And why do you now have a parental warning?

xo, Mango

Kitty said...

being a cat and all, curiousity scares the ever-lovin' shit outta meeeeeeeeeee!

kyptonite much??

*makes cross with paws and looks scaredy*

however i will offer you my deepest e-sympathies, as this haXXorator bitch sounds like she is utterly batshit fucking cray-zeeeeeee!

let's all take a moment to thank jebus and his old man for our sanity, hey?

mental health is precious!


Kitty said...

@sweet britches - babygirl, she'll prolly get angry enough to bust out her 12 gauge and shoot up the cafeteria!!

*oh noes!*

Midtown Girl said...

Just read Otins comment - lol. Sounds like you have a serious stalker who has major esteem issues - damn!

BTW -have an award for you!


Jaime said...

she apparently just wants you to stay away from all men everywhere. otherwise she'd be more specific.

sucks that you're locked out of all your accounts. hope you're able to straighten that out soon. i'm the least techy person ever -so i can't offer any advice in that department!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Psycho Bitch to the max. Hopefully you'll be able to regain control over your accounts - god knows what kind of trouble she can wreak while she's in control of them. I'd contact the IT dept. at the school - they may be able to trace back to her IP address to find out who it is. She sounds like major trouble.

And Jaime said the same thing I was thinking - obviously she wants you to stay away from all men since she wasn't specific.


Theresa said...

You home wrecker you. But seriously, that sucks and is scary about what happened with your mail.

Good luck with all of it.

Hit 40 said...

I read the last few posts to catch up....

How do you think she hacked into your accounts? Did she have the passwords or were the passwords weak?

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

I have no idea - make a list of men you know?

I say rise above, do not sink to her level.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I got a warning from google saying your blog has "adult content" I almost peed.

a H.I.T. said...

I'm sort of jealous. How do I get a stalker to lock me out of my accounts?

Crazy Charm said...

I wouldn't provoke her. She sounds like a crazy ass.

However, you must have made quite the impression on someone! :)