Sunday, March 6, 2011

They Were Out of Tampons...But I Got You These!

I had to stop and use the bathroom on my way home from a visit with friends. I was a little taken back by what was available for sale inside. I had to do a double take to make sure it was a unisex bathroom and that I wasn't in the wrong one.

Only in a college town would you find this contraption on the wall. Ladies, you know where the tampons and maxis and such should be? Yeah....this is the men's version.
Seriously? What if I was bleeding right through my pants? How would any of this help me? If I were a guy I wouldn't have to worry. For a mere $3 I could be the proud owner of the entire 4 Play Series. I would have one lucky lady waiting for me at home...unless I was sent out for a tampon because she was bleeding through her pants.

On a semi unrelated note...this is what the whole bathroom looked like.That's not just the lighting, folks. That bathroom is painted with a fresh coat of celery green. I've never seen a gas station bathroom that had been cared about so much that someone painted it. I was even more surprised to find that there was no graffiti...and this is a college town. I guess the color choice is in hopes of distracting the ladies from the fact that there are no tampons available.

Go figure


Jaime said...

celery green is a beautiful color for a bathroom. of course, my bathroom is more like mint as opposed to celery. (not by design. it just kind of happened that way)

and they wanted you to go out and spend 20 bucks buying a box of pads or tampons from their store. why would you drop that kind of money if you could get one from the bathroom for a few coins? :p

McGillicutty said...

There's an array of things available in the bathrooms in England ... so much so that it takes you 30 minutes to browse... after of course you've peed.
btw.. I hate green bathrooms.. they make my (bottle) blond hair look green in the mirror. just sayin'.