Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nice Kitty!

All day there was a strange stench in the room. My co-teacher and I just couldn't figure it out. Was it a body odor? Left over gas from last night's dinner? Whatever it was, it was horrible and it was definitely coming from one of the children. We literally walked around the classroom all day trying to find the child who had the accident. We kept asking them, "Is your belly feeling okay?", "Do you need to go to the bathroom?". This smell had infected the entire room.

It wasn't until the last hour of the day, when I was helping little Linda with her time telling that it all became very clear to us....

Linda: Miss Ice! Guess what!

Me: What?

Linda: I was playing in my backyard yesterday, and I found a kitty!

Me: A kitty? Was it your kitty?

Linda: No.

Me: Was it your next door neighbor's kitty?

Linda: No! It was a kitty from the woods behind my house.

Me: Linda, what did the kitty look like?

Linda: He was black and white. He was really nice...until he peed on me.


blueviolet said...

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!! That is the WORST smell! And it doesn't go away for a long, long time. Poor little thing.

otin said...

OMFG! LMAO! I think tomato juice is the cure for that!

AshR said...

Omg that's scary. I've only heard about the horrors of skunks, though. Thank God we don't have any around here.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...