Saturday, May 2, 2009

The EX Factor

Dear Peers,

Please stop telling me about my ex and his new girlfriend. I have no interest in hearing what they are doing every second of the day. Yes, I know they date.

I also have no interest in the fact that her away message is filled with hearts and his name. I also do not care that you as her roommate cannot sleep because you are constantly awoken by the sound of them having sex. I have news for you...he wasn't that good.

It is bad enough that I need to see Mr. Gonzo-Nose every day of my life since we live in such close proximity. You people need to understand that whenever someone says something about him to me and he finds out it is automatically assumed that I'm starting drama and I don't need that shit.

Happily sleeping with someone else =)


Hit 40 said...

Did you read the supersperm post? It is good. I have a few that are just classic. I think you will like tomorrows too.

Next time someone brings up the ex... just smile and say thank you for the update. And... say in your head nasty thoughts. It is a skill to learn as a teacher. I am also still working on that skill. It's tough.

Sarah K said...

oh, snap! good for you for venting in a public forum!!! i know what it's like. fuck 'em. grrrr

Hit 40 said...

You need to go leave random comments around the blogland :-)

They will come stalk you!!! Try some on my followers.

Jaime said...

i always hated when people would tell me what my ex was up to. he's my EX for a reason.

Joanie M said...

Actually, I really enjoyed it when my daughter told me her dad's future ex-wife had an abnormally large ass and was rather plain. But that's just me.

Ice Queen said...

@Joanie: It's fine. The new girl is dullsville.

otin said...

Damn that Hit 40! She always beats me everywhere! HAHA! I'll probably get shit for this comment lol!

otin said...

Check my blog, I left you something!