Thursday, March 4, 2010

Made of Ice...but Still Beautiful

I got the Beautiful Heart Award from Katherine over at Another Day, Another Moment. It's nice to know that even though my heart is a frozen block of ice, someone still appreciates me (Katherine's heart, however is NOT made of ice. You should check her out).Anywho, this award comes with some rules so I'll fill you in on what they are...
  1. List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful.
  2. List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful.
  3. Share this award with 4 other people that you think have a beautiful heart too.
  4. Link the blogs of the people you chose and link the person's blog who awarded you.
Inner Beauty:
1. One of the most important things to remember is that life keeps on moving. Life will keep on moving whether you're there for it or not, so be there. You don't want to wake up one day wondering where those bags under your eyes came from and asking what happened to your youth. You want to be the one who remembered making the most of your youth (that's why you now have bags under your eyes...because you had fun...and probably didn't get a lot of sleep).

2. Life's too short to take anything too seriously. At the end of the day, is it really going to matter that the asshole next door plowed his entire property and left a snow pile the size of Everest on the street to take up not one, but 2 parking spaces? No. You're better off letting that one go. In fact, let all the little things like that go. They don't matter.

3. Lately I've been taking on projects to take my mind of things. I've been throwing a few ideas on paper and trying to turn them into some sort of story. Will it be any good? Maybe not, but I feel better for getting it out. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough (or drink enough wine) to show you something...maybe.

4. I often blast old songs from my childhood. My mother and sister roommates aren't too fond of this, but it makes me feel good. Lately I've been listening to this from my middle school days (don't judge me).

Outer Beauty:

1. I think my biggest advantage is that I know how to apply makeup and when to say no to more of it. You may be thinking to yourself, "That's not that hard, Ice Queen!" and I would have to agree with you. However, you'd be surprised at what some of these crazy women look like. I don't think they have mirrors...either that or they're hookers.

2. I try to smile and be happy. It has recently come to my attention that some of the people who come into my store think I'm a bitch right off the bat. It's because I don't smile and for the most part I'm walking around with a puss on my face. It's something I'm working on...although it's really hard when you hate your job. It would really just be easier if people saw me off the clock because then I'm just a pile full of laughs.

3. I don't eat after 8pm. That's pretty much how I gained over 40lbs in college. I stopped and lost it all. People don't realize how miserable it is to be chubby unless you are or were at one point. I get it and I'm not going back.

4. Good genes? =)

Beautiful Hearts
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tattytiara said...

Lotta truth in this post. Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

Great award sweetie! You deserve it!

People that don't know me always think that I'm a b*tch right off the bat too, also bc I don't smile alot when I don't have a reason to. Me and you have alot in common!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Congrats on the award and I love your 4 things for inner beauty. It made me stop and pause.

About playing music from childhood - your roommates should be thrilled. :-)

Missy said...

Awe, thanks. I think your pretty awesome too.

Kitty said...

actually, my most adored task at work is applying makeup to the hookers at the start of their shift!!!!

save for the clear heels, you would never think they are whores!...i'm really good at it!


Midtown Girl said...

Thank u so much for this award doll!! I have to tell you - that pic above with the the guy gambling - I can SOO see that pic on someone's online dating profile - LOLOLOL (along with, "I like to travel"). Ugh.

Heart You!!

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