Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Wednesday Thoughts

That's right, my friends. I'm jumping on the least I'm making it on my own day. Take that! Here it goes.

-The quizzes and applications on Facebook are getting to be ridiculous. I love lazy, time wasting quizzes just as much as the next person but I found one entitled "Are you a virgin?". Really? If you need a quiz to figure that out then you have bigger problems.

-I have to pay for laundry in my apartment and I cannot understand why people feel the need to leave their laundry in the machines for hours on end. This is not your private machine in your apartment. You do not have the luxury of leaving you laundry in there until you need to wear it. Take it out.

-I really want a blender. I've never owned one before and sometimes I get sad thinking about all the awesome things I could do with one. When I get some money I'm going to invest in a Magic Bullet. They're so badass.

-I think my roommate won the contest. Roomie came up with "You can have my bottle to set off your rocket." The best I could come up with "When are we starting the fireworks?", to which I received the response "9 I think". Roomie literally told me what time the fireworks started. I am lame.

-I'm very excited about returning to my college town tomorrow to relive my experience with some old friends. The sad part is that this will be one of the two most exciting things I will do this summer. The second is going to see Wicked on Sunday! (I'm 23 and my summer has peaked at mid July. Sad.)

-I hate when you really like a song and you learn all the words but then realize that the singer is not saying what you originally thought. It really bothers me since I know that my lyrics are better.

Next week I'll keep notes and post my thoughts on time.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree on the facebook thing and I also think it is extremely rude when musicians sing the wrong words.

sAm said...

OHHHHHHH!!!! I SOOOOO want a magic bullet! I have saved money like 5 times only to have some stupid "emergency" come up before I can make it to the store to get one. But I am teaching summer school this summer - the first thing I said when I took the job was, "Hello, magic bullet!" I think my life will change for the better. Really.
And have you seen the infomercial for it? The one with Hazel and Berman? I will drop whatever I'm doing to watch it - I know some of the lines by heart! wait...that's pretty sad...forget I ever told you that.

Otin said...

Blenders are highly overrated! I never use mine!

Sarah K said...

the magic bullet rocks! now i want the new fancy schmancy one with all the bells and whistles. to make more alcoholic drinks, i spose?

you will LOVE wicked. it totally rocked. have fun!! and have your friends do stupid shit and take pics and then blog about it, ok?

Hit 40 said...

I love my blender for smoothies and milkshakes!! It rocks!

Midtown Girl said...

I need to finally splurge on a COFFEE MAKER! why i do not have one is beyond me..guess bc i live solo, so i figured it didn't make deli coffee is sooo good ;-)

Medora said...

I hear you about the laundry. My old apartment had hookups so I had my own machines, but this one doesn't. Hate the laundry room - the trashy people hog the machines and leave a mess. I try to do mine at my parents' but then I owe them. My mom is just that way.