Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You're How Old?

They're building a new train station in my home town and in order to do this they need to knock down a Burger Kind that's been there for the past decade or so. My dad used to live 2 blocks away from the Burger King and took us there all the time when it first opened.

This Burger King is no more but I remember the last time I was there. I was reminded of the interaction I had with the drive through worker as I drove past the train station the other day. It was a rainy night last summer and a friend and I got a late night craving for a slobericious Whopper. We drove up and I noticed the sign on the window.

Last Day: July 25, 2008

I immediately turned into my reminiscent self and got all emotional. I then made the mistake of sharing my feelings with the girl helping me.

Me: Oh my God, I can't believe you guys are closing. I remember when you opened.
Brat Face: Umm...this place has been open for 13 years.
Me: ....yeah
Brat Face: I was 3 when this place opened. You remember 13 years ago?!?! Damn!

This will forever go down in my memory as the first time anyone has considered me old. I'm too young for this shit.


White Rabbit said...

That was just dumb. Obviously you are more than 13, you are driving a car. And it makes sense that someone even at 5 years old would remember a burger king for God sakes. So that would put you at maybe what, 18? I would have used it to my advantage and told the stupid wench to have some respect for her elders.

rxBambi said...

hahaha. I used to ALWAYS be the young one (littlest sister, always had older friends etc). Now I have friends that are 15 years younger than me and suddenly I'm the old one!! It sucks!

otin said...

Get used to it! LMAO!!!!

Hit 40 said...

A fast food restaurant was big time when I was little. They were not on every corner like today.

Anonymous said...

... and all waistlines breath a sigh of relief whilst belts giggle in the knowledge they may be used again!

Medora said...

Did you slap the child? Someone should.

Burger King freaks me out. I hate the commercials. They are sick. They always show them during NASCAR races, and I have emailed NASCAR to tell them the dude is a pervert.