Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RTT: Team Brenda

-I hate Maroon 5. I know everyone's really into them and their lyrics speak to so many people, but I really don't give a shit. I don't like Adam Lavigne. I don't think he's hot. I don't like the sound of his voice and to be completely honest with you...I'm 83% convinced he's a total douche.

-Hottie of the Week: Ryan Reynolds. I just saw The Proposal this weekend and couldn't stop thinking of Joanie. I've loved him since "Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place". Does anyone remember this show? No? That's okay...it wasn't very good. Ryan was the only reason it lasted as long as it did.
Now I realize why she was going on about that shower scene for weeks on end...yum!

-Does anyone watch the new 90210? Kelly Taylor is still a skank. Yeah...I said it. Team Brenda all the way.
- I had an absolutely AMAZING time this weekend meeting up with Otin and MG in the city. I wish we could do it at least once a month. I would also like to mention that Otin is NOT a weirdo. Haha

-I'm really tired of the Facebook statuses that keep saying "miss you baby", "<3 you", and have the date you and your boyfriend hooked up. No one cares that you're in love and you're making me ill.

-I really wish that these damn New York teams would stop allowing the Pennsylvania teams to win! The Yankees are still up but WTF happened to the Giants?!?! I'm not sure what they're defense is doing but they need to pull it the f*** together!

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Midtown Girl said...


Agreed - Otin is def NOT a weirdo!

Had a FAB time with you guys as well and...

I totally remember that show - he was so funny on it, but not really hot - but now he is such a HOTTIE!!


Sadako said...

You're so right. I thought Kelly was a little girl voiced whiny bundle of insecurities. Sure, Brenda was a bitch, but to quote Tyra, she COMMITTED to it. She never second guessed. She brought it all the way! And I'm sorry, but Kelly Kapowski could never replace her.

Oh, why couldn't they just have 86ed Tori Spelling instead?

Ocean Girl said...

Here come the words again douche and skank. What would I do without that urban dictionary.

And all the hotties are not Harrison Ford or Julia Roberts.

So I wonder how Otin did..did he fit in? Can he speak 90210?

Alix said...

Tom Coughlin happened to the Giants. He used to belong to the Jaguars. Then after he ruined OUR team he went up there, got lucky with that Super Bowl win, and is now doing to you what he did to us. Our team is still horrible. Painful to watch. We lost to the Titans yesterday. They were winless at 0-6. How pathetic is that?

On a happier note...

I'm so happy you and Otin and MG had fun in NYC together. It should have been a foursome, I'm telling ya. Hope the weather was marvy and all the kisses were appropriately exchanged on my behalf. Oh, and please don't come banging on my door if anyone gets Swine Flu. My kissses were vicarious.

PS: Maroon 5 - are they still around? Ditto on Adam Levine... just a feeling...

Joanie M said...

I went on and on about Ryan Reynolds and the shower scene? I can't remember. I think I need to buy the DVD and watch it again and again and again and.....

Yeah Baby! How about these Philly teams!!!

Glad you had fun with Otin and MG!

Joanne said...

LOL hey careful about lusting after Ryan - he is married and a family member. Not that I expect to ever meet him but he shares an aunt with my hubby. Auntie Sheila sees him quite often and he is just Ryan to them.
Small world sometimes.

blueviolet said...

Ryan Reynolds is hot and hilarious, the perfect combination!

So glad you got the chance to meet up with Otin. I hope to be able to do that myself one day. :)

Medora said...

I always liked Brenda better, too. Kelly was a nasty ho.

So is Otin.

otin said...

I love you too! Medora! haha!

I have a New Jersey sis! :)

I could not weigh in on Ryan Reynolds!

Lol at the fact that there is a debate about whether or not I am a weirdo! haha!

The Yankees may blow it if they do not look out!

shopannies said...

ryan looks great

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Guess what? I live in Philly but I'm from NY. I just want it all to be over, is that too much to ask?

letifu said...

amen. Maroon 5 sucks.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Funny, I love the hottie of the week. I'm not familiar with him but he is sexy.

bethany said...

I so agree about Maroon 5. I was at a concert for another performer, and the girl beside me was a hard core Maroon 5 fan. When I said I just didn't see the appeal of Adam Levine, she stopped talking to me completely.

I remember 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place, but I never watched it.. I didn't know RR was in it..

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! Otin's NOT a weirdo?!



Melanie's Randomness said...

Ryan Reynolds is so hot. I loved The Proposal. It was too funny. Omg i agree with u a 100% with the Facebook thing. I actually don't go on it anymore because of TOO many people that did the <3 EVERY 5 MINUTES!! It was worse cuz I had both the gf & Bf so there were status wars. heh. I hope the Giants kick it up a notch too. =)

a H.I.T. said...

Go Team Brenda.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Ryan Reynolds definitely is a hottie...and I do remember him from that show - you're right, Ryan's the reason it was on as long as it was.

The new 90210 definitely doesn't compare to the old one... ;)

Too cool you got to meet cool bloggy friends in person - I kinda figured Otin wasn't a weirdo! ;)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I wish I got to meet you guys, but next time.

I remember the show with Ryan Reynolds - wasn't the girl on the show on Monk now? I think so.

I'm glad to hear Otin isn't a weirdo.

Jaime said...

i dont know...he's a little bit of a weirdo...i mean, one of the things otin misses most about jersey is white castle! i'm bummed i couldn't make it into the city to meet up with you guys. next time...

At least I'm skinny said...

Totally remember two guys, a girl and a pizza place but I do not remember him having that rockin bod. I forgot what movie it was (Blade 3???) but I saw him and was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat happened to him. Yowza!

And I have no tolerance for facebook love messages. I will hide you in a second if you start that lovey dovey nonsense on me.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty hot shower scene, I must say

But the movie left me cold, while the shoes left me really hot.

P.S. I am a totally new blogger, and I’d love for you to come by and check out my blog!


Theresa said...

Yum! Ryan Reynolds is one of the sexiest guys around. And that smile..OMGosh! Thank you sooo much for sharing that pic of him.

This just proved that I picked the right blog site to get an award. So come on over to my place and pick it up.

arexisaurus said...

i am forever team Brenda.

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