Thursday, August 6, 2009

I've Been Pegged...

Rebel Mom got me...

Anyhow, the Rules are as follows:

I'd like to get to know you better, answer these questions and pass them on.

1. Who is the hottest movie star?

The hottest? There are too many beautiful men in this world for one to be the hottest. This week I am back into my Eli Manning since he has been all over the Daily News with the Giants in training camp. I would also like to mention Ron Livingston because I just caught one of his episodes of Sex and the City the other night. Yum!

2. Apart from your house and your car, what is the most expensive item you've ever bought?

My education...although I didn't pay for it yet. I hope none of you reading this work for Citibank.

3. What is your most treasured memory

College...I'm still coping

4. What is the best gift you received as a child?

When I was younger my father used to stop at the supermarket after work and pick up a little bouquet of flowers for me and I would have them in a vase on my dresser. At the age of 5 I always had fresh flowers in my room and it truly made me feel like a princess.

5. What's the biggest mistake you've made?

Living with someone I once dated. Anyone going into college or who has a child going into this! You'll thank me later.

6. 4 words to describe yourself.

Stalkerish (they can't all be good)

7. What was your highlight or low light of 2008?

I hate to focus on the low but my lowlight of 2008 was losing my dear Nana. She was a treasure if I ever did know one.

8. Favourite film

I go through phases (much like my men) but I tend to stick with 10 Things I Hate About You

9. Tell me one thing I don't know about you

I could tell you...but then I'd have to make a new blog because you would know too much.

10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character who would you be?

I would have to say Cat Woman because my best friend has a fascination with Harley Quinn and I thought that would be cute.


Hit 40 said...

College was the best!! Hot sex every weekend and no worries!!

Medora said...

Oh, please, Eileen, you never had hot sex.

I love "Ten Things I Hate About You." Heath was such a cutie!

otin said...

I think that what your Dad did with the flowers was wonderful!!

I masturbated with a fever one time, does that count as hot sex??? LOL!

Rebel Mother said...

Ah! Cat Woman....Fabulous!


California Girl said...

Your answers are adorable and girly.

Tell Otin he's gross. TMI

rxBambi said...

Otin is such a nut! No, wait, I won't go there. Just say he is one crazy dude. Gotta love him. Thank goodness I wasn't holding my wine, it might have spilled...

Anyway, I need the college memories detailed out. Please.

wv: noinumpa

Not sure what it means but I think they are racist against oompa loompas

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you confidently write cute, funny and sassy but then put stalkerish!! :))

Midtown Girl said...

Aww- love your pops!! You lucky girl!


otin said...

Perhaps I should have put the second part of that comment in a different window! I really did think that the flower thing was wonderful!!!

California Girl said...

Okay Otin. You're forgiven!