Monday, January 4, 2010

Where the Hell Have I Been?...Not Joy Riding

-I hope every single one of you had a very Merry Christmas and are enjoying your wonderful New Year! I have a feeling 2010 is gonna rock the house.

-Life has been taking one crap after another lately. I believe the last time we spoke I had strep, yes? Yeah, well since then I've had wisdom teeth out, been traumatized by the New York Giants, and totaled my car. Fun times.

The removal of my wisdom teeth went according to plan. Quick and very painful. Eh, what can you do?

The Giants just let me down. I just don't even know what to say. I guess they learned a thing or two from the Mets. Maybe it's just me bringing terrible luck to any sports team I choose to root for. Eh, what can you do?

My car was another story. Henry was my baby. He was the first adult purchase (other than my education) that I made and he was all mine. Registered and insured in my name. The whole package. I crashed on New Year's Eve and the first thing people say to you when you tell them this is "Were you drinking?". Just because it happened on that day it's automatically a result of my own stupid decision making. I'll have you know that I wasn't drinking. It happened at 2:30 in the afternoon and it was sleeting at the time. The cars in front of me stopped short and I slid on black ice. I wasn't texting. I wasn't changing the song on my ipod. I wasn't looking for someting frivilous in my purse. I just couldn't stop. Before I knew it the butt of a Mercedes Benz SUV turned my hood into an accordian and there were small flames. I didn't notice them until a man was running over with a fire extinguisher.

I will also have you know that I didn't cry. I guess it all happened too fast and I realized crying wouldn't solve anything. I guess I could have died so I can't really complain. Eh, what can you do?


I think the worst part about totaling my car is that fact that I keep forgetting it happened. I had this conversation with my mother last night...

Mother: What are you going to do tomorrow?
Me: I'm gonna go get the rest of the stuff out of my car.
Mother: Who's taking you?
Me: What do you mean? I was just going to go myself.
Mother: ::stares blankly at me::
Me: Oh...yeah.

A similar conversation took place with a coworker...
Coworker: How are you getting in tomorrow?
Me: The same way I get in everyday.
Coworker: ::stares blankly::
Me: Oh...yeah.

So, let's recap my status shall we? I'm a college graduate who can barely afford to make a payment at the end of the month, I live in my mother's house, and I have no car. Thank the good Lord I'm adorable because otherwise I'm not sure I would have made it this far in life.


Poindexter said...

so sorry - what a HUGE inconvenience. hope things work out quickly with your insurance and I'm so glad you were not hurt. Being adorable is definitely something for which to be thankful. Particularly when $hit is stacking up within arm's reach. Take care--

Katherine said...

That sounds like an awful way to start the new year. It's so easy to lose control in icy conditions.

And the wisdom teeth? I got mine cut out a few years ago. Very painful. I sympathize.

Hope 2010 brings a better, shinier car and lots of good luck!

Julie said...

:( I feel for you girl! Sorry about the car, that's so sad! Hopefully 2010 will bring you some things to smile about!

Medora said...

Black ice is a nightmare - glad you weren't hurt! The wisdom teeth were a bad experience for me - long time ago, but I haven't forgotten the dreamy Vicodin that was viciously denied me after a few days, not nearly long enough to manage the pain.

blueviolet said...

I am so sorry for how many bad things have been going on and the loss of a car affects every day! I'm just glad that you weren't injured though!!!!

Alix said...

Adorable ain't the half of it.

Sorry for your troubles, chica. The car business stinks. I hydroplaned once... similar "oh shit" moment. Very very costly happenstance. Eh, what can you do?

I would expect an Ice Queen not to cry by the way. You gotta have it coursing through your veins if you use the moniker. Pouting is fine though. So is growling.

Hope things get back in order pronto.

otin said...

Awww, you did not tell me any of that!!! Damn, now I feel bad about the text!

At least you are okay! That is the main thing. That winter weather will bite you in the ass at some point or another. It has happened to me before, also.

Joanie M said...

Yeah, you really seem to be getting the shitty end of ht stick right now.

I hope everything starts looking up for you and really soon!

And yes, you are very very adorable!

Ocean Girl said...

Adorable Ice Queen, I wondered where you were.

I am sorry to hear about the car. This thing happens, it has happened to me, though I was the Mercedes SUV (well mine was a Mazda).

Take things one at a time, you'll be fine. I remember as a fresh graduate starting on my first job, I didn't have a penny in my wallet.

May 2010 be joyful even though it starts off kicking.

Single and Shallow said...

Dude, that sucks. Being carless can be a living hell. I feel trapped without the option to just leave in my car. But you'll get through this :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! oxo

Anonymous said...

Sweetie! I'm glad you're not hurt!

I'm even more glad that you're adorable! Because that's all that really matters in the end, isn't it? ;o)

Andhari said...

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Cheryl said...

That sound fucking awful. I would have probably just stabbed myself. Well no, knowing me, I would have probably just stabbed someone else.

And by stabbed I mean, punched really hard but not so hard that blood comes out because blood makes me sick to my stomach.

Yeah... okay. Moving on.

I hope the new year treats you well x

Little Ms Blogger said...

A man came to your car with a fire extinguisher? Please say he was a fireman...otherwise, I'm totally baffled by that. Should I be carrying a fire extinguisher in my car? Why didn't I know this.

No comment on the Giants.

I am sorry about your car, but happy to hear you weren't hurt.